What we offer

FIT2ACORE offers seven workout classes that are designed to help improve strength, flexibility, balance, mobility & posture.
Our exercise sessions are a great way to help mitigate the pain, tension, and muscle imbalances caused by every day activities.

FIT2ACORE offers a way for everyone of all ages & fitness levels to achieve the fitness goals you want to reach.

We look forward to meeting you!

TRX Strength

Designed to increase total body strength and stability, this class uses your own body weight while engaging your core.

TRX Cardio

Designed to get your heart rate up using full body movements with TRX and BOSU, we fire up your core for the entire class, adding in a little HIIT, metabolic training, and a whole lot of fun.

Circuit Class

Affectionately called “The Circus Class,” we put away the TRX straps and use a variety of other modalities to challenge our core, strength, cardio, endurance, balance and brain!


A total body toning and strengthening class using free weights, resistance bands, stability balls and BOSU.


This class is a fusion of cardio based flows that will get your heart pumping and muscles working; and yoga based slow flows to stretch muscles and relieve tension.


30 minutes of intense core strength training, a total body endurance training and cardio using kettlebells.


A 30 minute Tabata Style ALL CARDIO class. The music is loud, and we don’t stop moving until the cool down at 27 minutes! All the moves have low impact and high impact options.


A 30 minute class focusing on traditional and non traditional core work.


A fun workout where players hit a hollow plastic ball with paddles on our indoor court. Players score when the other side is unable to return the ball or commit an infraction.