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Welcome to FIT2ACORE!

FIT2ACORE is a TRX-certified Group in North Omaha offering personalized, small classes where anyone, no matter age or current fitness level, can come to fight the “normal” aging process.

Our Team Instructors emphasize people feeling healthier and stronger, down to their very core.

Come join us and reserve your class today!

– Beth Huffstetler
Owner, Certified TRX Instructor 

Featured Classes

FIT2ACORE is a TRX-certified Group that offers seven engaging and challenging workout classes
that increases endurance, flexibility and strength of the body all at once.

Let’s do this together!

TRX Cardio



TRX Strength



TRX Circuit Class



“Fitness is not about being better than someone else…its about being better than you used to be.”

– Beth Huffstetler


“I think FIT2ACORE is true to its name, because the core strength
that I’ve been able to develop in these classes is crucial,
and believe it or not, makes everything else easier.”

– Julie Bohn
Member Success Story 


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We’re making a difference
in people’s lives.

Our TRX Certified Trainers focus on a well-rounded approach to wellness, offering workouts specifically designed to meet you where you’re at – but not leave you there.

We invite you to see for yourself why FIT2ACORE is not your average fitness studio.

Results that make a difference

Our clients get the results they need

“We go 3 times a week and are getting stronger and healthier. Plus we have fun! It’s like having a personal trainer.”

-Linda Ely
Member Success Story

“Great class, I am making progress and getting stronger after a few years of issues. Beth is great!”

-Kelly McGargill Jones
Member Success Story

“Fun and Fitness! This is an amazing class” If I can do this, trust me, so can you! I can’t believe I’m raving about exercise! Thank you, Beth!”

-Bridget Donovan
Member Success Story

“These classes have exceeded my expectations! And I do not like to exercise!”

– Carol Member
Success Story

“I never thought I would be excited about exercising. But if I can do this, anyone can!”

Member Success Story

“The variety and personal attention keep me coming back!” No boring routines, always something new, you’re gonna like this.”

– Member Success Story

“Beth is a fabulous teacher and gives personal attention while keeping the class going for everyone along with the most positive attitude ever. I look forward to coming and miss class when I can’t be there.”

– Member Success Story

“My experience is always great. I the love the instructor as well as the people I exercise with…I think that is why I come so often for the instructor and great people.”

– Member Success Story

“I like the casual atmosphere – you made me feel at home.”

– Member Success Story

“I appreciate the healthy focus on functional strength vs weight or size.”

– Member Success Story

“Beth – you do an excellent job of changing the routines from class to class – always fun and never boring!”

– Member Success Story

“I like the intimate setting. I feel Beth can watch our form closer.”

– Member Success Story

“The facility is VERY nice. I like that it is bright, clean and does not smell like a gym. I enjoy the great variety of music.”   – – —

– Member Success Story