Meet Our Instructor

FIT2ACORE classes are designed for all ages and fitness levels!

Beth Huffstetler, OTR/L

Owner, Certified TRX Instructor


I am driven to making a difference in people’s lives!

I have been working in rehabilitation as an occupational therapist for over 30 years and have seen the devastating effects of chronic illnesses.  I have embraced fitness for years in my personal life, and I now use FIT2ACORE to share this passion with others.

I enjoy working with anyone who has a strong interest in improving their overall health and wellness, and just needs some help and encouragement to do so. A highlight for me is seeing the supportive friendships that have developed in the classes.

I believe everyone can FIGHT the “normal” aging process. Our society emphasizes LOOKING younger through cosmetics, clothes and even surgery. At FIT2ACORE we emphasize people FEELING, stronger and younger – down to the very core of your being.