Meet Our Instructors

Each of our instructors at FIT2ACORE are TRX certified and trained to help you succeed!
They are passionate and motivated to help you get the results you are looking for.

FIT2ACORE classes are designed for all ages and fitness levels!

Beth Huffstetler, OTR/L

Owner, Certified TRX Instructor


I am driven to making a difference in people’s lives!

I have been working in rehabilitation as an occupational therapist for over 30 years and have seen the devastating effects of chronic illnesses.  I have embraced fitness for years in my personal life, and I now use FIT2ACORE to share this passion with others.

I enjoy working with anyone who has a strong interest in improving their overall health and wellness, and just needs some help and encouragement to do so. A highlight for me is seeing the supportive friendships that have developed in the classes.

I believe everyone can FIGHT the “normal” aging process. Our society emphasizes LOOKING younger through cosmetics, clothes and even surgery. At FIT2ACORE we emphasize people FEELING, stronger and younger – down to the very core of your being.

Ilene Sedlacek

Certified TRX Instructor


Teaching at Fit2acore is a way for me to help others have better lives. I feel it is important to prioritize healthy habits, especially as we get older. I try to make exercise, eating well, and relaxation techniques a part of my weekly routine.

I have two daughters and three grandchildren. I work full time as a Value Stream Manager. My interests include repurposing antiques, quilting, and cooking.

Karen Bexten

Certified TRX Instructor

I began exercising 30 years ago doing Jane Fonda’s audio workout in my living room, eventually working up to video tapes in my basement workout area. I fell out of the exercise habit when my two daughters were young. Several years ago, I signed up for a boot camp and have been going to a gym regularly ever since. I’ve done a variety of workouts, with TRX and kettlebells being my favorites. I like the satisfaction that I feel at the end of a workout. It’s not always easy getting to the gym, but I always leave feeling better than when I came.

I am a structural engineer and part owner of InfraStructure, LLC, where I work part time. Hobbies I enjoy are quilting and digital scrapbooking.