Our Purpose

FIT2ACORE is about empowering people of all fitness levels to create, reach, and exceed their goals.
Our classes give people the tools, education and motivation to become stronger and more confident in all that they do.

Come visit us and start doing more of what you love.


“Fitness is not a destination.
It’s a way of life!”

– Beth Huffstetler




Beth was teaching exercise classes several days a week for many years at the Methodist Hospital Cancer Center. She had often thought about being able to offer these same highly specialized classes to people outside the cancer center environment.

Advantageous possibilities opened when Beth and her husband purchased a large
10-acre property in rural North Omaha, and suddenly the opportunity for Beth to open her own studio presented itself.

FIT2ACORE opened in January 2015 and since then has been making a difference in the North Omaha community.




“Beth is focused on growing old healthy. So, we work on things most people don’t focus on at a gym.
At FIT2ACORE we work on our knees, our lower backs and our upper back strength and balance

-Ilene Sedlacek
Certified TRX Instructor 


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Slide About Our Logo We wanted a logo that conveyed the principals we stand behind for
our client's fitness, health and well being. We also wanted it to be
gender neutral so that clients know we are a fitness for everyone

Hover over the CORE, the 2 and the figure to learn more about how
the folks at Arbor Creative, LLC helped us create a new logo with
The color orange symbolizes energy,
vitality and good health.
The figure is shown using the main
focus of our studio - The TRX System.
It is gender-neutral to show we
welcome anyone who wants to make
a healthy change.
The core is designed to be symbolic of
an arm-in-arm approach that we take
with our clients. The core reason we
started FIT2ACORE was to help people
reach their full potential, especially
after illess or injury.