Our Approach

FIT2ACORE focuses on developing strength, balance, flexibility and core stability and is effective for all ages and fitness levels.
To help with this balance, we offer a variety of group fitness classes such as TRX Strength and TRX Cardio classes,
while combining Weights, Boxing and Kettlebells to support your overall fitness plan!

While many studios have larger classes,
we at FIT2ACORE think workouts and wellness should be more individualized and the attention more personal.

FIT2ACORE vs. Traditional Gym


  • Wide variety of engaging & challenging workouts
  • Small, personal classes
  • Intimate, clean studio
  • Support driven

Traditional Gym

  • Set choreographed routines & sponsored programs
  • Large, club atmosphere
  • Crowded, smelly gyms
  • Competitive driven


FIT2ACORE is making a difference in the community by providing our clients with a supportive environment that fosters camaraderie, friendship and personal engagement.

It is not unusual for participants in the same class to go visit each other after a surgery or to celebrate one another’s birthday.

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“I like doing FIT2ACORE because it really does work every single muscle. You’ll hear a lot of people say,
I didn’t realize I had muscles there, because Beth makes sure we work every part of our body

-Becky Oxer
Member Success Story