Frequently Asked Questions

New to TRX? New to FIT2ACORE?
Here are some answers to some common questions when starting up.
What is TRX?
TRX is a state of the art suspension training system that uses your own body weight to perform hundreds of exercises safely and effectively.
How much does it cost?
Classes range from $5-14 depending on how much you attend and which option you choose.
How do I make a payment?

Credit card online with Square, or cash or check at studio.

Is there a required membership?
No. You pay month to month.
Do you give free estimates?
The first class is complementary.
Can I do this with joint issues or a bad back?
Yes! TRX uses easy to modify movements to protect and effectively strengthen your joints.
How long are the classes?
All TRX, Circuit, 20/20/20 and Weight classes are one hour. Boxing and Kettlebells are 30 minutes.
What do I wear to class?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and non-skid shoes.

No street shoes allowed in gym floor. Please carry your workout shoes into class and change prior to working out.

What do I bring to class?
Bring a water bottle (filtered water is provided).