We offer an nurturing environment that sparks a community of belonging, support and friendship.
FIT2ACORE is more than just a fitness studio; it’s a place people gather to be inspired, encouraged,
and to form new and lasting friendships.

Come join us!

Holiday Cookie Exchange

Enjoying festivities, friendship and, of course, cookies as we celebrate another fabulous year at FIT2ACORE!

At FIT2ACORE, we don’t just work out, we have fun too. It’s about celebrating friendship and family as we reward ourselves for our hard work on the journey of our goals.

It’s okay to have a cookie or two. As long as you keep working out!

Bingo Night

At FIT2ACORE, we enjoy blowing off steam in other ways as well.

Recently we had a wonderful Bingo game night. It’s about fun, developing camaraderie and enjoying one another outside of the fitness studio.

With us, you can get fit to your core and have fun too!